Little girl’s note in supermarket makes mum cry

After losing her mother, this little girl desperately missed the 'mum chatter' at the shops


Pushing the shopping trolley around Walmart and chatting away about anything and everything with her 2 daughters – it was just a regular day for this Canadian mum of 2.


“We were joking about how quickly we can shovel the snow if it snowed a lot this week. We talked about what I was going to make for dinner today and joked about how we pick the person who is going to have to do dishes.

“We played some ‘I-spy with my eye’ as we walked through the aisles… just other random conversations as we typically do to make it fun while we shop,” she explained.

But little did she know that, out of sight, a little girl and her dad were listening in and finding comfort in the mum’s nattering.

It wasn’t until she got to the checkout and the man and his daughter stopped to give her a note that she realised the effect she’d had.

“This man who was standing there with his daughter stopped me and his daughter handed me an envelope. I asked what this was for and they said, ‘It’s a gift just because and we would like it if you accepted it. There is a note inside explaining why.’

“His daughter asked if she could hug me and I said yes so she did and I felt such a warm hug. We said bye and went on our way,” the mum wrote anonymously on a site called Spotted In Windsor.

When she got to her car, she read the note:

“Just listening to you talk to your daughters reminded me of my mother who I lost 2 years ago. I made my dad follow you around for a little so I can hear you guys talk because I wanted to pretend that it was my mum talking to me.

“Please accept this gift card of $20 just because you made our day. Have a great Sunday and thank you.”

The mum is now trying to track down the girl to thank her properly.

“I am in tears while I type this to submit it because I do not think you know what you have given me,” she writes. “You just assured me that I am a great mother even though sometimes every parent questions themselves.”

She added: “I am sorry you lost your mum at such a young age and I wish I had your contact information because I would love to take you for a coffee one day.”

She signed the plea: “A mother who was really touched.

It just goes to show, you never know who might get inspired by the little things you do every day ?

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