Liv Tyler bares 5-month baby bump in new pics

Lord of the Rings actress reveals her pregnancy in gorgeously-styled shot and candid home selfie


Something tells us that Liv Tyler is really enjoying being pregnant. Maybe it’s the baby bump selfies in her Instagram feed or her saying it’s making her a “better mother” for 9-year-old son Milo.


In the professional-looking picture on the right, posing in a breath-taking off-the-shoulder gown, Liv looks lovingly down at her bump. Her pale skin is practically radiating ‘pregnancy glow’ in the glamorous shot.

But it’s the grainy selfie on the left, taken by Liv herself that tells us just how much she’s enjoying her pregnancy this time round. Reclining in bed in her pyjamas, Liv lifts her top to bare her 5-month bump.

“The most fun thing about being pregnant again is having those mum hormones flowing around,” Liv recently told Town and Country magazine. “You’re more present in your body, and it’s making me
 a better mother for Milo. You become more like a child. When you’re tired you have to sleep immediately.” Yeh, we identify with that – but if only it was possible to go to sleep when and where you wanted!

The Lord of the Rings actress is expecting her second child – her first with boyfriend David Gardner, a British sports and entertainment manager she met 7 years ago through Kate Moss.

“It’s fun not being on a diet or thinking, ‘Oh my god, I have to go to SoulCycle every day,'” she added.

Photos: Instagram / Liv Tyler

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