Liv Tyler on childbirth: ‘It’s magic and scary’

The pregnant mum-of-2 is expecting her 3rd baby, just 17 months after her 2nd


Liv Tyler only gave birth to her son a year ago and now she’s 4 months’ pregnant. So there aren’t many months recently when she hasn’t been sporting a baby bump.


“It’s like I’ve been pregnant for 3 years!” she told the Evening Standard. Those of us who’ve had babies as close together as her 18-month gap – or maybe even closer – know just how she feels!

Liv, 38, is expecting her 2nd child with fiancé Dave Gardner in the summer. She also has a much older son Milo, 11, with her ex-husband Royston Langdon.

And, although this will be her 3rd birth, Liv says she’s finding the prospect of labour a bit daunting since her last son Sailor was 6 weeks early.

“Childbirth is a wonderful, magic, amazing experience,” she says, “but it’s pretty f***ing scary: a lot of high stakes.”

And she admits she’s still no expert when it comes to babies either, and is flattened by the earth-shattering tiredness you feel as a new mum. “I nearly threw that Gina Ford [The Contented Little Baby] book out of the window,” she says. “I cried…”

For Sailor’s 1st birthday, Liv chose a personalised cake. The all-white cake has a unicorn and the number 1 on top, with his name iced in blue underneath. Aw, isn’t it cute?

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