Liverpool fan names his girl YNWA: that’s short for You’ll Never Walk Alone

Norwegian super fan's daughter is 'proud' to be named after the Reds' famous anthem


A Liverpool FC-mad dad has named his daughter YNWA after the Reds’ famous anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone.


Little YNWA – pronounced Yee-Nwa – is now 4 and almost as devoted to Liverpool as her Norwegian super fan dad, Tor-Eric Iversen.

But she has tweaked her name a little, adding the less unusual Karoline in front of YNWA.

According to Tor-Eric’s wife Eirin, he originally wanted to call their daughter Gerrard – after Liverpool’s midfielder and captain Steven Gerrard. But the couple agreed on YNWA as a compromise.

“I’m probably not as interested in football, but it was actually my suggestion to call her YNWA,” Eirin told Norweigan paper Dagbladry. “He’d suggested Gerrard before we knew if it was a boy or girl.”

Eirin’s planning to bring Karoline YNWA to Anfield for his 5th birthday treat in May. “She is so excited to come and see them play,” Eirin said. “And she is very proud of her name.”

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