It's definitely that time of year when talk of toys abounds if you have a little one: what they're hoping for from Santa, and what all those endless 'must-have' lists are telling you to buy (ours is well worth reading, obvs ?)


But now a mum's put a cat among the pigeons with her very short, very far-from sweet review on Facebook of what's been called by some THE Christmas toy for 2017: the LOL Surprise Big Surprise.

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Here's the mum's post:

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Ciara's described her mood as 'feeling annoyed' and written:

"So Elisa got the big LOL Surprise today - I would definitely not recommend if you don't want to waste your money: the pic on the right is all you get just pre-warning yas [sic] (bucket not included)."

Now, we have to say, Ciara's post got thousands of comments, some agreeing, some not.

"I bought my daughter one and she LOVED it!" said one. "She plays with the dolls every day."

Another said this: "Can't wait to see my l'il one's face when she gets this!!! Regardless of whats in it, it's what she has asked for. I'd rather her play with dolls than stuck glued to an iPad x"

Though, it definitely also made others think twice about getting one for their child: "Certain toys get sooooo hyped up, marketing at its finest," said one.

Another agreed: "What a load of rubbish - such a shame for people who have brought them not knowing

? I can think of better things to put the money to!"

Now, one of our mums here at MFM HQ has loads of experience with smaller LOL Surprise balls (watch a vid here) and had this to say:

"I have two daughters, 4 and 8. They both love LOL Surprise balls. For my eldest, its definitely the thrill of unwrapping and seeing what’s inside and putting the dolls clothes on.

"For my youngest, she goes back and plays with the dolls all the time, so we’re big fans of them here, though don’t buy too many!"

So, what do you reckon?

Were you planning on buying the LOL Surprise Big Surprise toy? Has this mum's review put you off - or do you reckon your little one will still love it? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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