London artist creates photo frames out of placentas

Placenta reused to create keepsake for new mums


A London artist is making photo frames out of mothers’ placentas.


The photo frames make the perfect keepsake for mums to display pictures of their babies, according to the Metro.

The artist, Amanda Cotton, puts dried and crushed pieces of the organ in a mould and adds resin to create a marble-effect frame.

She said: “The placenta is one of the first creations the mother and baby make together, so why not celebrate that with a keepsake?

“It’s common for people to keep the umbilical cord, first tooth or hair clippings.”

And Amanda is already attracting new clients, including Ulrika Jarl (pictured above), who will keep her placenta in a cool box before it’s turned into a frame.

“I understand why some people might find this a bit yucky, but why not use human waste where possible?” Amanda said.

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