Every parent - single or not - deserves a night off once in a while, right?


Errr, wrong - according to single mum-of-1 Paula Winchester of Staffordshire, who's been sharing her - rather divisive - parenting opinions with The Mirror.

Paula's hit out at fellow single mums who choose to go out drinking at weekends - telling them it's "disgraceful, half-hearted parenting".

Paula, whose little girl is 4, has only had 4 nights out in the last 5 years and hasn't had a night out at all for 2 years.

Even if you're a single mum who's children are with their dad for a few days, Paula still doesn't think that's an excuse to go wild while they're away, saying:

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"While Leah is young and depending on me, I've got to be there for her and she is my responsibility 100% of the time, even when she is with her dad."

Paula confirms she rarely drinks these days - one beer is usually enough - and worries that the morning after the night before is unhealthy for kids:

"Children need regular bedtimes, set meals and to know what their boundaries are," she says. "But when people are hungover they let their children do what they want.

"Their discipline isn't as strong and it makes children confused. It's irresponsible.

"Everyone has different views on parenting but I really don't think single parents do deserve a night off."

Here at MFM we do get what Paula's saying to an extent - going out and getting super drunk every weekend isn't something any of us in the team could handle, quite frankly - but cocktails or dinner with friends once in a while - is that really so bad?

And while 4 nights in 5 years might be OK for Paula, a few of us have openly admitted we'd have gone a wee bit stir crazy if we didn't get out a little more than that - even if for just a cinema evening or late-night shopping spree.

As with so many things, there's probably a sensible middle ground option here - having a fun night out and really letting your hair down once in a while but of course also being a devoted and responsible parent too.

What do you think?

How often do you go out now you're a mum? Do you still enjoy a big night out occasionally or do you tend to keep it low-key if you do manage to get some time off?

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