We barely go a day without seeing a well-crafted take on one of life’s many mum problems - or a brilliantly witty response to an unwanted critic of our parenting choices.


Like when one mum championed her young son wearing a Disney princess outfit to school or when 'Mrs Mind Your Own Business' penned this parent-shaming take-down letter.

The one that caught our eye this week is from mum-of-6 Chloe (who vlogs at Chloe and Beans).

Fed up with feedback from strangers about her 3 eldest sons’ longer hair dos and how it makes them look like girls, 23-year-old Chloe took to Facebook to share a bullet-pointed list called Little Boys Hair 101...

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It’s a pretty long lesson about boys having long hair, but here's the gist:

  • “Some people think my kids will get picked on for having long hair. So teach your children not to bully people for how they look. That would be a good start. I will never teach my kids that they should change the way they are just to avoid comments from small minded people."
  • “Sometimes people tell us it needs to be cut off because it's too heavy, uncomfortable, too hot or unclean when it's long; if that's the case, I'm just wondering why we shouldn't shave girls' hair off too? Is it because boys are allowed to be more comfortable than girls? And girls should sacrifice comfort for aesthetics? I dunno, you tell me."

It has to be said, some of her points are stronger than others...

  • “Some kids don't like having their hair cut. My kids don't like having their hair cut. They get really upset about it actually. I don't want to upset my children."
  • “Thor has long hair, and last time I checked people really like Thor. Thor is cool."
  • “Why do people even care if they're boys or girls? There is actually no reason you need to know what a child has between their legs. No reason. At all."

But of course, there's the best argument of all...

  • “My kids are clean, comfortable, kind, healthy, happy and confident with who they are. This is what matters most."


So, does it matter if a little boy has really long hair and is constantly mistaken for a girl? Or if a little girl has really short hair and people assume she's a boy? We'd love to know what you think...

Images: Facebook/Chloe and Beans

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