Looking like Dad pays off

It appears there could be more to being Daddy’s little girl/ boy than meets the eye


Children who inherit their dad’s looks and even smell a bit like him receive more of his time and attention than those who don’t resemble their father.


A study conducted on 30 Senegalese families by Alexandra Alvergne, a biological anthropologist, has discovered the first direct link between how much energy and time a dad invests in his children and how strongly they look like him.

They found that children who looked and smelled like their dads tended to receive more fatherly attention.
It’s thought that there’s an evolutionary advantage to this, as it’s a good tool in distinguishing illegitimate children.

So if your children are lucky enough to have inherited their daddy’s eyes, chin or glossy locks they could be treated to more invested dad time, than a sibling who looks and behaves differently.


What do you think? Do your children share the same physical genes as you or do they look nothing like you? Let us know below…

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