Lovely pix of one Mum’s daughter dressed up as princess for fairytale album

Baby Maddie Lepper adopts the roles of Snow White and Alice in Wonderland in magical photo shoot


Creating your baby’s first photo album is a magical rite of passage for any mother, but imagine if you could make it look and feel just like a fairy tale.


Well, Nicole Lepper did just that and had a selection of photos taken of her daughter Maddie dressed as an array of princesses, such as Snow White, Alice in Wonderland and Red Riding Hood.

And boy, are they cute!

The Illinois mum commissioned professional photographer Wendi Riggins to take the images of her baby adopting these classic roles after admitting to being completely obsessed with fairy tales.

“Nicole loves fairy tales, and her entire family are fans of the TV show Once Upon a Time. It was from this love that the concept of baby fairy tales came about,” said Wendi, reports the Daily Mail.

“Nicole planned and shopped for the perfect outfits and pieces. We talked multiple times a week, throwing around ideas, picking out props and brainstorming on ways to make each and every set perfect.”

And Wendi explained how she managed to shoot the session and keep nine-month-old Maddie happy, “I know that most babies don’t have the tolerance or attention span for a long shoot’.

‘We worked quickly, knowing we only need a few really good images of each set, once I felt confident that I had the perfect shot, we moved onto the next set.”

“We only spent about 10 minutes on each, and then let Maddie crawl and play in between.”

The images have now gone viral with Maddie and Wendi becoming magical overnight stars.

Have you ever done a special themed photo shoot with your little one? Post your snaps below…

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