Becoming a mum does not mean you should look 'mumsy' in our book. Well, unless we mean to reclaim the word and change the meaning from frumpy to generally fabulous and kick ass ?


But what can you do about maternity clothes? At some point you just have to give in and buy something to cover your growing bump. But should you sacrifice style?

This is Luisa Zissman's dilemma.

"Why are all ‪#maternityclothes horrible and mumsy? Just because I'm pregnant does not mean I suddenly want to start dressing like I'm 100!!" she tweeted.

Other mums-to-be were quick to agree with The Apprentice star.

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"This is my current life struggle! Why are all maternity clothes so 'saggy'?! ?," one commented.

Another added: "I'm 34 weeks and kinda given up now but do feel I'm wearing same boring clothes day in and day out ?"

Another pregnant woman has given up finding maternity clothes altogether: "?? I've been squeezing into what I can and wearing hubby's clothes ??? "

While one man had a rather unhelpful suggestion: "They are designed to make you look respectable and dignified... Not looking like trash."

Luisa replied: "And designed to make you feel like an Armish mother of 10 too. They are all hideous."

What a comeback. Other mums had some interesting suggestions.

"I've bought loads from @ASOS, literally think I've bought all the nice stuff??," one tweeted.

"Have you looked at Tiffany Rose? They had some lovely dresses last year when I was expecting," another tweeted.

Another added: "New Look. I just bought bigger sizes."

Do you have any more suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: Instagram / Luisa Zissman

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