Reclining in her sun lounger while on holiday, Luisa Zissman couldn’t resist a cheeky bump snap.


Sharing the selfie on Instagram, The Apprentice star couldn’t have known she’d have to defend her bump’s size shortly after.

"Last day sunning the bump, can't believe I'm 6 months already! ❤️????#6months #pregnant #bumpwatch," she commented.

But fans were quick to question the size of Luisa’s bump.

"You have absolutely no bump at 6 months? That's ridiculous," one commented.

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"6 months where?" another wrote.

Jumping back on to defend her size, Luisa, 28, already mum to daughter Dixie (pictured below), commented: “The baby is very healthy - it's measuring big too! Just the way I carry I think! I was much bigger with my first.”


Others seemed to appreciate that baby bumps come in all shapes and sizes.

“Wish I was this big now! 3.5months looking 9 ?,” one commented.

“Congrats @luisazissman you look incredible, I didn't show till I was 7 months... #yummymummy ?,” another added.

“There are lots of women that look like that at 6/7/8 months pregnant!! Can't believe people are actually slating a healthy pregnant woman,” another wrote.

Well, it just goes to show that everyone carries differently – there’s no perfect bump size.

Photos: Instagram / Luisa Zissman

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