As you may well remember, Tom Fletcher and Giovanna created the most AMAZING video to mark their first child's birth: called 'Bump to Buzz', the moving black and white pregnancy diary quickly became an internet sensation.


But, as filming your baby bump every day seems a right old faff, could the couple really be bothered the second time around?

Luckily for us... YES! Hurrah!

Well, it would be a bit mean if Buddy didn't have a similar video to look back on wouldn't it?

This time around, little Buzz - who turns 2 this week - got involved.

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In the time-lapse video Giovanna is standing next to a cot with husband Tom and Buzz in it.

Her bump then steadily grows and she uses the blackboard to let you know how far along she is.

Tom wrote a song to accompany the video.

He sings: "It only takes 9 months to make a human, 9 short months to make a new one.

"A half me, the other half you one, it'll call you dad and you mum."

But Tom made it clear the couple won't stop at 2 children. "There's nothing more than I'd rather do than wait a year or two and make another human with you," he sang.

How do you think this video compares to their first one?

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