Tummy sensor lets dads feel baby kicking

It's one of the most magical things about pregnancy – and these dads can't believe it...


Lets face it, being pregnant is a drag.


There are SO many symptoms that make you feel sick, or sweaty, bloated and tired. 

BUT there is something magical about carrying a baby that only mums get to experience – feeling your baby’s kicks, flutters and movements firsthand.

And even though we quickly grab our partners’ hands and try and get them to feel it – it’s not quite the same.

So what happened when dads were hooked up to belly sensor bands so they could feel their baby’s movements? They were gobsmacked…

Trop beau… Des chercheurs ont mis au point un capteur sensoriel pour que les papas puissent sentir leur bébé bouger <3 <3 <3Source/Huggies – Dia dos Pais Grávidos

Posted by Sacrée Maman on Saturday, 27 February 2016

Unfortunately, the innovative technology was created solely for an international Huggies commercial that aired a few years ago – and isn’t available for us to try.

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