Luisa Zissman’s PND battle: “I felt my daughter was like a slug”

The soon-to-be mum of 3 didn't hold back on her emotions...


Reality star Luisa Zissman has always been candid about all things pregnancy and birth.


She was recently criticised by some for – despite being grateful for her babies – saying she hates pregnancy and the uncomfortable symptoms that sometimes come with it.

So it came as no surprise to hear her being just as honest about her experience with postnatal depression (PND) on a recent episode of Loose Women.

Luisa was on the show defending her previous comments about pregnancy, and told the panel how she didn’t immediately fall in love with her first baby, Dixie, who was born in 2010.

“When I had her, I called Dixie a slug,” Luisa admitted. “She didn’t do anything, she just lay there. My mum said I was horrible [for saying that].”

Luisa – who is currently expecting her 3rd baby – went on to say that her PND completely overwhelmed her, and that she felt dreadful for not having any maternal instincts towards her baby.

“It was the most awful depressing horrendous experience. It was horrific,” she said. “I had post natal depression, I felt guilty that after I had her I felt nothing.

“I felt no rush of love for Dixie, I was just in shock that this thing had come out of me.”


Let’s hope she has a happier experience this time round – and if nothing else, we’re really glad to see she’s on top of recognising all the signs of PND, and is willing to be so open those feelings.

Thanks for sharing, Luisa ?

Images: Luisa Zissman/Instagram

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