Former Apprentice star Luisa Zissman is expecting her unborn baby to arrive any day now.


The pregnant mum-of-one has been vocal on Twitter and Instagram about how she thinks due dates don’t really exist… and it seems she’s been proven right.

She’s been trying to induce labour for a while now, even trying a clary sage bath in hopes that it’ll coax her little one out.

But according to her latest social media post, it seems daughter #2 is pretty comfy living inside mum's tummy... and has zero intention of coming out anytime soon!

Luisa revealed she’d been through a hospital stay and numerous (we imagine, painful) induction attempts alongside a selfie of her ready-to-pop bump.

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    She wrote:

    “1 plug gone, 4 sweeps, 1 failed gel induction, 100% effaced, 2cm dilated, 1 night stay in hospital......

    “It's August & I’m still pregnant ??? think I'll look like this forever now, obvs baby loves being in my tummy.... #readytopop”

    4 membrane sweeps AND a failed gel induction? Ouch. Ouch ouch.

    Naturally, many of Luisa’s fans felt they could relate her struggle to some degree.

    Because rarely do babies pop out perfectly on the day they’re scheduled to arrive… and it can be quite a challenge to bring on labour for some expectant mums.

    One Instagram user wanted to give Luisa some hope: “I was the same as you I got induced 12 days after my due date I had 2 sweeps, my induction was the Wed night at 8 & I had my little girl the Thurs night at 9pm, I had 2 lots of the gel and then was put on the drip and got my waters broke, good luck huni xxx

    But it wasn't much comfort to the reality star, as she's hoping for a water birth...

    “Ah at least she came," Luisa wrote. "Desperate to avoid the drip as really want a water birth ?”

    Here’s hoping baby no 2 arrives safely - and soon!

    Did you need to induce labour? Did you have a sweep or the gel, and did it work the first time? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter

    Images: Instagram/Luisa Zissman

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