Lumpy porridge and melted rusks don’t impress these two star babies

New mums Michelle Heaton and Hilary Duff have some making up to do…


Hilary Duff and Michelle Heaton’s babies appear less than impressed with their mum’s mealtime efforts


Hilary, who is undoubtedly one of this year’s busiest snap-happy mums, has come up with a corker. In a recent Twitter pic, Hil is looking as glam as ever, while Luca looks as if he’s about to let rip with the biggest wail of his life. Hilary’s dad poked fun at the new mum. Hilary tweeted, “I sent my dad this pic and he said ‘Luca told me to tell you, you made his oatmeal lumpy.’” We LOVE this pic. Although, perhaps Hil might want to avoid The Three Little Bears for a while.

Meanwhile, Michelle, who’s been asking Twitter followers for advice on weaning, took to melting rusks for baby Faith. With her brow furrowed and rusks around her chops, Faith looks like she really wished Michelle hadn’t bothered. Not that this dampened Michelle’s spirit, who tweeted, “More 4me!” We’ve all been there, Michelle!

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