‘Lunchbox Dad’ and his amazing film-themed food: PICS

Blogger Lunchbox Dad creates incredible foodie versions of his daughter's favourite film characters for her to take to school


It started as a way to show his daughter he missed her when she started school.


But now Beau Coffron, the blogger known as Lunchbox Dad after his blog of the same name, admits his creative lunches have helped him grow closer to his daughter.

“I thought it would be a great way to show my daughter that I love her and miss while she was in school,” Beau told the Huffington Post.

So, every Sunday night, Beau gets to work on the beautifully crafted bento-style lunches that reflected his daughter’s favourite films and characters.

His amazingly creative lunch boxes include Minions from Despicable Me made from bananas on a bed of lettuce leaves.

Another design features Elsa and Olaf from Frozen, while another is Nemo from Finding Nemo.

There’s more food-art in the gallery. Which lunchbox is your favourite? And do you think Beau is amazing to go to so much trouble over his child’s lunch – or just a bit daft?






Star Wars


Monsters Inc

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