Maclaren to pay UK families for fingers trapped in buggies

Buggy maker Maclaren offers compensation to 40 families whose children suffered finger injuries


Pushchair manufacturer Maclaren has agreed to compensate 40 UK families for injuries when using the buggies.


The makers of the hugely popular Quest Sport and Techno XLR buggy offered the payment after a number of families reported that their children had injured fingers in the umbrella-fold pushchairs. The fingers had been caught in the buggy’s hinge mechanism and some children had lost fingertips.

The level of the payout has not been confirmed but Maclaren face similar damage claims from families in America.

The problem first came to light in November last year when Maclaren USA issued a safety warning and offered hinge covers to its American customers to prevent the problem occurring.

Later that week, Maclaren UK offered free hinge cover kits to buggy owners here. The company also added “As a precaution, Maclaren has taken the corrective action of placing additional warning labels on the buggy and in the instruction manual, stressing that carers should keep children clear of the buggy while it is being unfolded or folded.”


All new Maclaren buggies now come complete with the hinge cover kits. However, if your Maclaren buggy does not have hinge covers, call Maclaren customer services on 01327 841320 for a free kit.

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