Maclaren update: Free safety kits for UK parents

Buggy manufacturer now matching US offer after pressure


Maclaren has agreed to provide free safety kits to worried British parents. 16 people have come forward to say their child has been hurt by its folding down pushchair since the problem was made public earlier this week.


Maclaren said, “We appreciate that this issue has raised genuine concerns and that for some UK parents, the provision and use of a simple hinge cover will provide additional reassurance.”

The safety kit consists of hinge covers that protect the folding mechanism of the buggy.

Safety kids were being offered in America this week after at least 12 children had their fingertips amputated as a result of trapping them in the buggies’ folding mechanism.
Today, the company decided to issue safety kits in the UK too, following pressure from parents and consumer groups.

Maclaren hasn’t revealed why it has changed its mind about the safety kits. “We wish to reiterate that the safety of our consumers is our primary objective and we take all consumer feedback very seriously. All of our products are extensively tested prior to launch, and they also comply with the highest quality and regulatory standards. We are therefore confident that used according to instructions, all of our buggies are safe, and mums should continue to use them with confidence.”

Dylan Johnson, general manager of Maclaren UK, adds, “We stress that our buggies are completely safe and fully compliant, but if parents remain concerned or worried, we urge them to talk to us. I appreciate completely the concerns this issue has raised with the UK public and our objective has always been to reassure parents.”


If you would like a free safety kit, call Maclaren customer services on 01327 841320.

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