Madonna borrows her 13-year-old daughter’s clothes!

Queen of pop is outed as a wardrobe pincher after daughter Lourdes reveals all

Standing alongside her 13-year-old fashionista daughter Lourdes and scantily clad 17-year-old Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen, Madonnalooked young and on-trend. However, the secret to her youthful look was revealed last night – she borrows her daughter’s clothes!


The queen of pop and the sulky looking teenagers turned up to launch Madonna’s fashion label, Material Girl, at Macy’s in New York where Lourdes revealed her mum’s penchant for pinching her clothes!

When asked if she borrowed her 52-year-old mum’s clothes, she replied, “Oh my god, like…all the time!” but admitted that the tables have turned. “She does the same thing to me now!”


With her taste of fishnets, figure hugging leotards and gothic accessories – we can’t say we’re surprised at the confession, although we will start to worry if Madge starts to sport ripped tights and lashing of kohl…


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