Madonna’s children tired of her “outlandish” behaviour

Madonna reveals her children don’t understand she’s a celebrity


Superstar Madonna’s four children seem to be unimpressed by their superstar mum’s talents, and have told her they want her to be a more traditional mum.


In a recent interview with US gay and lesbian magazine, The Advocate, Madonna talked about bringing up her four children, Lourdes, 15, Rocco, 11, David, 6, and Mercy, 5.

“They really just want me to be mum and be normal and don’t show up in an outlandish way. They want me to just come to school and do the parent-teacher meetings,” she said, “They don’t really see me as a famous person or celebrity. They don’t get it right now.”

Despite missing the normal school duties, Madonna does admit she is a strict parent. “I am a strict mother. My daughter doesn’t know why I won’t allow her to get everything pierced or a tattoo or dye her hair blonde on the tips and pink at the roots.”

With such a hectic lifestyle it’s nice to see Madonna tackling her mum duties. In a bid to bring fun and spontaneity to both her and her children’s lives, she recently bundled them into the car to go shopping. Madonna added that daughterLourdescouldn’t believe it and that “it was very weird. The people in Ralph Lauren were not prepared.”

To be fair to Ralph Lauren, can you ever be prepared for Madonna and her clan to walk through the door?

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