Mamas & Papas adverts celebrate changing family set-ups

New ad campaign features same-sex and single-parent families to reflect modern British parenting


Nursery chain Mamas & Papas has launched an advertising campaign which includes single- and same-sex parents alongside the standard image of a heterosexual couple with their baby. 


The ‘How We Roll’ campaign promotes the Urbo pushchair and represents the company’s marketing in the future. 

Olivia Robinson, creative director and youngest daughter of the Scacchetti family, which owns the firm, said: “It is certainly not a publicity stunt – it comes from a belief that parents are changing.”

A new survey by Mamas & Papas revealed a generational split with 75% of parents under the age of 35 saying they aim to parent ‘differently’. 

Findings showed that 65% of 18-34-year-olds were indifferent or positive towards same-sex parenting, and only 20% were particularly unfavourable. 

Plus, 5% of 18-34-year-olds claimed to be in homosexual relationship and have children, opposed to only 0.2% of the 35+ age range.

Here at MFMs we think this generational shift in attitudes towards parenting amongst today’s parents is fantastic. Let us know what you think below… 


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