Man who miscarried twins having IVF

The world’s first ‘man’ trying to conceive using IVF


Ruben Noe Coronado, 43, who was born a woman, has revealed his decision to try for another baby with the help of IVF, following his miscarriage of twins.


Ruben, from Madrid in Spain, was devastated when he miscarried his twins in May this year, “It took us many weeks to get over our loss, but we’re determined to try again for a new baby,” he told the Daily Mail.

Although Rubin considers himself 100% male, he still has female reproductive organs as he is yet to have a sex change. His girlfriend Esperanza Ruiz, 43, who is infertile, didn’t want to consider adoption and surrogacy is illegal in Spain. They previously used IVF to conceive the twins.

The couple, who plan to use eggs and sperm from an anonymous donor found on the internet, are going back to the IVF clinic in Barcelona to try for another baby despite it already costing them 16,000 euros (around £14,650).


“I want to change people’s prejudices, so more transsexual men can give birth in the future. After the baby is born, I will then have a full gender change to make me a man,” Ruben concluded.

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