Maria Fowler: ‘How can I turn my breech baby?

The heavily pregnant TOWIE star asks her fans for tips on turning her baby out of the breech position


TOWIE star Maria Fowler has taken to Twitter asking for advice on how to ‘turn’ her unborn baby.


It seems as though the reality TV star is concerned that her little girl might be breech, and has put a shout out on social media asking for advice.


“Any tips except using a ball to get a breech baby to turn? I’m not having ECV but really want her to turn so I don’t have to have a section X,” she queried at the end of July.

(By the way, ECV stands for External Cephalic Version and is a manual way of turning the baby.)

As it happens, fans did come up with few suggestions for things Maria could try.

One said: “Lean over back of a chair and swing your hips side to side. x” Another gave this tip: “Cold ice at the top of your belly: the baby doesn’t like it and will turn away xx”.

And another said she should try swimming. Hmmm.

Now, we don’t know which – if any – of these (completely unscientific) suggestions Maria’s put into practice and, even if she did, we’re not sure if they worked, as just yesterday Maria thought her baby was turning but really wasn’t at all sure which way up she is now:


One thing we do know is that it can’t be long now before Maria’s little one will make an appearance, however she decides to arrive.

Is there any sure fire way to turn a breech baby?

As Maria found out, there’s no shortage of ideas for a pregnant woman to try out to make her baby turn but we don’t know of any that are surefire certs.

And while Maria said in her original tweet that she didn’t want an ECV, this can certainly be one of the most successful ways to move the baby, if it’s done right.

Don’t just take our word for it: this amazing video shows you just how it’s done. In just 2 minutes. Wow!

Photo: Maria Fowler on Instagram

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