Mariah Carey can’t stop talking about her pregnancy!

From flat shoes to pregnancy books, to TV specials, to a junk food ban, Mariah Carey can’t stop babbling about her bump

Last week after months of speculation, Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon announced they were expecting their first baby, due next spring.


After being worried in the early weeks of pregnancy, Mariah is now very comfortable about being pregnant.  So much so, she’s appearing on the ABC special, Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas to You, next month promoting her new Christmas album out in December.

“Actually, I suppose that you’ll be seeing more of me – when you see me,” Mariah laughed.

The Grammy superstar is reportedly, obsessed with reading pregnancy books, has become super health conscious, and has had a radical change of diet, all in order to aid her pregnancy and become a good mum, reports The Times of India.

“Mariah has turned ultra health conscious. There is nothing unhealthy in the house. No junk food, no alcohol, nothing. Nick is making sure she has everything she needs including fetching her just about every book on babies and pregnancy ever written. Mariah is 41 and she’s leaving nothing to chance,” said a source close to the couple.

One thing Mariah won’t give up though are her skyscraper heels, much to hubby’s annoyance.

“I came home yesterday to help my wife get ready for her video shoots and she has these 19-inch heels on. So I go into the closet searching for some flats for my wife. She got a lot of damn shoes – it’s like a Macy’s. And Mariah Carey does not own one pair of flat shoes,” said Nick.

Mariah defended her corner insisting she does own flat shoes, but just doesn’t wear them.

“To be fair, I had some boots from Aspen, some Dior boots. Ski boots. And then we did find some flats and then they were a regular ballet slipper, like a beige, and I was like, ‘I don’t think so,” Mariah said.

Nick is now adamant that Mariah kicks off the heels and wears flat shoes.  So much so, he went out and bought her 20 pairs of new flats shoes.

“Basically, I got Mariah Carey, the high-heel queen, to put on some flats. And this is amazing. I’m going shoe shopping today, needless to say, to buy you some flat shoes,” said Nick.


Mariah later posted a picture of the shoes on Twitter saying, “Nick just brought me home like 20 pairs of FLATS on his eternal quest to convert me..! Lol”

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