However you give birth, there's no doubt about it - delivering a baby is hard work, right? And you'd hope at least that other women who've been through it would be nothing but supportive to every other mum's experience of labour.


But that's not the case, according to Marina Fogle - wife of TV presenter Ben Fogle - who runs antenatal classes with her sister.

Speaking to the Mirror, Marina reveals she's found pregnant women and new mums rather competitive - and she confirmed that this antagonism was sometimes directed at her.

Speaking of having her son, she said:

""I think it made me really thankful that I was in a situation where doctors could intervene, where Ludo came out and he was ok.

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"If I hadn’t have been able to have a caesarean the outcome could have been very, very different.

"I did get a bit of judgment afterwards."

With her as she launched her new book, The Bump Class, at the Henley Literary Festival, it's been reported that hubby Ben shared how the couple had been asked if they felt "robbed" with Marina having a caesarean, and had even got comments from people saying "what a shame".

Seriously? ?

Marina said her reply was simple: "I have a baby that is alive, I’m so grateful to the medical profession for giving me this."


But, she goes on: "People love to judge, they love to be smug about their own births. I don’t think that’s fair."

Neither do we, Marina. Hear hear ✊

What do you think?

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