Married with children – and obsessed with teen vampires

“I fed my children cereal all week so I could spend more time reading Twilight,” said one mum

A new trend of mums obsessed with Twilight and its leading man, a teenage vampire, has sprung up in America.


Jittering with excitement over the next Twilight film and its dashing main man, 23-year-old Robert Pattinson, ‘Twilight Mums’ spend whatever time they can get (between the school run, bedtime stories and homework duties) on their Twilight obsession.

With the second film, New Moon, about to hit our screens on Friday, hoards of fans flocked to the premiere donning ‘Bite Me’ signs on their necks and customised ‘Team Jacob/Edward’ t-shirts. The ‘Twi-hards’ weren’t all hormone-riddled teenage girls – grown women, married with children, were there too.

With puberty long behind them, this growing group of women are obsessed with the film, have read all the books, and unashameably lust after the main character, a teenage vampire! “I was hooked. I literally locked myself in my bedroom and read all four books in six days,” 38-year-old mum of two Kimberley Sherman from California told Stylist magazine.

To become a ‘Twilight Mum’ there are strict guidelines to be followed. You must be over 25, married with children, and be willing to participate in activities such as intense vampire conventions, Twilight cake baking sessions and camping outside hotels. Or just generally terrifying your husbands and embarrassing your children!

Taking their mission very seriously, the TM group currently has 4,000 friends on Facebook and nearly 7, 000 followers on Twitter. The Twilight Mum website gets around 4,128 hits a day and was set up by the original die-hard Twilight Mum, Lisa Hansen, 37. “The fact I shared my obsession with my teenage neighbour made me feel like there was something severely wrong with me… It was my shameful secret. So I set up the site to prove I wasn’t going through a midlife crisis. Within weeks where I discovered there were thousands of women out there at my stage of life who were equally hung up on Twilight,” Lisa told Stylist magazine.

Although it’s totally healthy to have interests other than being a mum, some take it to the extreme. “I’ve watched Twilight at the cinema 35 times and I’m late to pick my son up from school because I’m watching it on DVD,” one obsessed mum confessed. “I’ve spent money on Twilight clothes and books that I would normally spent on the kids. I probably spend 8 to 10 hours a day on the internet writing, reading or watching something Twilight related.”

Twilight Mums aren’t the only obsessed mums in the media – last month, we reported on the mum who spent 10 hours a day online addicted to Facebook.


Are you a ‘Twilight Mum’ or do you think they should get with the real world? Let us know below…


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