Maternal milk consumption linked to child’s height

Research that pregnant women who drink milk are likely to have taller children


Pregnant women who drink more than 150ml of milk a day have taller children than women who don’t, says new research.


Nutrition experts in Denmark and the United States studied 809 mothers and their babies who were born between 1988 and 1989. They monitored how much milk the mothers drank during pregnancy. The babies’ weight and height were measured and then they were followed up 20 years later.

The children whose mothers drank a quarter of a pint of milk a day during pregnancy had children who were taller than the women who drank less than a quarter of a pint of milk.

The researchers also found that these children were less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes in adulthood as they had higher levels of insulin in their bloodstream.

“Maternal milk consumption may have a growth-promoting effect with respect to weight and length at birth,” researchers wrote in the European Journal of Clinical Health.

The study was fairly small and more research needs to be done to ensure the link isn’t down to other factors.

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