Matthew McConaughey on the parenting difference between him and his mum

Are you a 'negotiator' or 'teller' when it comes to your kids or grandkids?


Dallas Buyers Club star Matthew McConaughey recently opened up about his parenting style.


The 47-year-old actor shares 3 kids with wife Camila Alves: 8-year-old son Levi, 6-year-old daughter Vida and 3-year-old son Livingston.

And it seems that though the couple (who’ve been together for 9 years) are on the same wavelength when it comes to navigating their little ones, they often have to deal with someone who’s not: Matthew’s 84-year-old mum, Mary Kathleen.

“She doesn’t negotiate and debate things as much as Camila, my wife, and I do with the kids,” Matthew revealed in a chat about how great his mum is with his kids, during The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

“Not with my mother. It’s immediately ‘because I said so’. The conversations are much shorter.”

Matthew’s confession definitely got us talking in the office about one simple question: are you a negotiator, a teller, or a bit of both?

One of our MFM team is definitely a negotiator at heart, but she says her hubby is the opposite.

Meanwhile, a member of the team who is yet to have kids reckons that when the time comes, she’ll most likely be a teller.

And of course, there are pros and cons to both methods, as we all know ?

Side-stepping any deep, dark soul-searching into why we parent the way we do and why we all have such different styles (for now)…

The much-loved True Detective also revealed the family’s big Christmas plans: a trip to 34-year-old Camila’s native country, Brazil.

“All of us stay in one room. Five of us on a couple of twin beds,” he revealed.

He also made sure their kids would be proficient in the mum’s mother tongue for the occasion: “They’ve been going to Portuguese classes 5 hours a day for the last week in preparation for going on this trip.”

Sounds like a fun (and educational) Christmas. Feliz Natal ?? ??

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