Like any mum, Radio 1 presenter Edith Bowman, 37, has had to perfect the art of multitasking. But, unlike most mums, she has had to do this in the public eye. Two weeks after giving birth to her son, Rudy, by C-section, Edith was presenting at Glastonbury.


‘Between live interviews I ran to a Portakabin, expressed for 10 minutes and then ran back to go on air. It was mad, but I wouldn’t change it. Work makes me a better mum to Rudy.’

Edith shares care of Rudy, three, with her partner Tom Smith, lead singer of indie rock band Editors. Their work schedules are hectic (Edith recently joined the BBC team to report on the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton) so her and Tom’s commitments are all carefully mapped out.

‘We haven’t had a nanny for nearly a year,’ says Edith. ‘Rudy is at nursery five days a week, so Tom and I look after him as much as possible. My mum, who lives in Scotland, comes down once a month to help out, and Tom’s parents, who are teachers, also muck in. It works.’

Edith, who was diagnosed with a heart murmur in 2004, says she loved being pregnant. She was advised to have a C-section, to avoid putting her heart under any unnecessary strain. ‘My heart condition isn’t something I dwell on,’ she says. ‘I have yearly check ups and am in great health. Which is just as well – I’ve been part of a recent campaign to highlight the way women’s roles in the home have changed.

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I gave up my washing machine for a week, and did it all by hand. It was exhausting – especially as Rudy is potty training at the moment. I did nothing but washing for days!’

Edith would like more children, though she doesn’t feel under pressure right now.
‘I’m loving having Rudy at the minute,’ she says. ‘He will be at school soon, so I feel I should make the most of our time.’


Edith in Brief

  • Favourite bedtime book? The Gruffalo – Rudy knows it off by heart and joins in.
  • Highlight of being a mum? The why, who, where and when questions. Some of which can be hard to answer!
  • Best bit of advice? Don’t expect too much of yourself.
  • Kit you couldn’t live without? Wipes. Bums, face, table tops – they can handle it all.
  • Biggest concern? You try to be the best parent you
    can, but you can’t protect them from everything.

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