Her Instagram has all the makings of an international celeb. She poses with Louis Vuitton handbags, drives a Mercedes Benz, posts countless selfies, and has designer labels sending luxury gifts to be featured on her feed.


But Millie-Belle Diamond is actually a pretty regular 14-month-old – or at least she was until her mum Schye Fox stumbled into the world of baby Instagram fame.

Schye originally started posting pictures of her daughter on Instagram, to share with family, when she was just 2-months-old. "Her sisters would tease me and say Millie-Belle’s only got 70 likes," Australian mum Schye told the Daily Telegraph. "Well, they’re not laughing any more."

Millie-Belle's Instagram page took off when one of her pictures was regrammed by @FashionKids – a page with 3m followers. "It was insane," Schye says. "They shared a pic of her in a cute little leopard-print bow and outfit and it went around the world. That photo is still being reposted today. She’s the most followed baby under 2 in the world on Instagram." And she can earn up to £130 per post for modelling designer baby gear.

But, despite her fame, her pictures are still taken at home with an iPhone. "My husband’s got a DSLR but I wouldn’t know how to turn the damn thing on," Schye says.

Millie-Belle's social media fame means she's now become a model in her own right and has done professional shoots for Australian children's wear labels. "We can ask for $600 a half day, and if people don’t want to pay it, that’s fine," her mum says.


Online safety

But, obviously, there are downsides of sharing hundreds of pictures of your children online and Schye admits international fame can be bit overwhelming at times. Millie-Belle is big in China, the Middle East and Turkey and "we were asked if she could Snapchat someone in China — it’s a bit weird".

"Then there are the baby role players, who you’ve got to look out for," adds Schye. "People will tell me someone’s using her photo — it’s a 24-hour thing just keeping on top of it.

"We’re going to shut down her Facebook page because it’s getting too much."

Photos: Instagram / Millie-Belle Diamond

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