Mum starts planning her half-price luxury Christmas dinner in October

She manages to make a super fancy lunch for 6 people for less than £50. How much will you be spending?


Who’s in charge of Christmas dinner in your house?


It can be a pretty big job. After all, it’s so NOT just about a few hours cooking on the day itself. That’s the easy bit in some ways.

It’s also about all the prep: spending a couple of weeks to shop around, sort the meat and all the trimmings, pudding etc etc….

So we really commend mum Lorna Cooper from Paisley, Scotland, who told The Sunshe actually starts getting ready for the Christmas roast in October.

October? We’re still on Halloween at that point ???

Lorna says she starts getting some space ready in her freezer TWO MONTHS before the big day so she can pick up and freeze bargains in the lead up to the festive celebrations.

And it’s all so she can do a full-on luxury Christmas meal for a fraction of the price it would usually cost.

While Lorna admits she used to spend more than £100, she says she now manages to feed her family of 6 a super-dooper Chrimbo spread for £45.

Her tips?

“Checking out the reduced aisles when I’m doing my weekly shop is a great way to spot deals. Prawns are always being reduced so grab them when you see them, put them straight in the freezer and your starter is sorted.

“Think about saving juices from a turkey if you cook one for lunch in the months running up to Christmas and use that for your gravy. You can have it all pre-made so you just need to defrost the night before.

“Buying your favourite desserts well ahead of the festive season is something I always do. Once the supermarkets add a bit of Christmas packaging, prices seem to go up.

“So I buy late summer, put in the freezer and they’re all ready to be taken out when you want to eat them.”

For the Christmas breakfast, Lorna buys croissants from the reduced aisle and freezes them.

She bakes all the biscuits with her kids, and the Christmas pudding, rather than getting in shop-bought ones.

And – perhaps her canniest tip – she buys her fresh meat and veg from a body builder site where they tend to be cheaper than your usual stores.

Who’d have thought? ???

What do you think?

How much do you spend on Christmas lunch? Do you start early and get the bargains or are you a last-minute shopper? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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