Meet the mum who’s taught her children an alphabet of swear words

‘A’ certainly doesn’t stand for apple for outspoken mum’s 10-year-old and 5-year-old.


Gill Sutherland has boldly gone where most mothers have never (and probably won’t ever) go, stating that “I swear, my children swear. Get over it.”


Dr Richard Stevens, from Keele University, claims that because kids are intrigued by the world of adults “keeping swearing a secret makes it irresistible”. It seems mum Gill has taken this to heart, “freeing up” what she perceives to be “taboo words within family communications”.

Yet, it seems unlikely Gill’s chosen form of in-car entertainment will appeal to many mums, with her children listing a swear word for every letter in the alphabet during their recent summer holiday excursions. You might cringe at the thought of the word that may pop up by the time they’ve reached the letter ‘C’, but ‘luckily’ it was a somewhat comparably softer ‘crap’, that was chosen by Gill’s 5-year-old daughter Mery.

Gill argues that at least she can teach her children when the words are appropriate, avoiding her children using swearing in a lazy way. Instead, Gill is keen for her children to turn the air blue only when they are being creative.

Is Gill right to let her children swear? Fill us in on your thoughts…

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