Things that don’t surprise us: the sun rising in the east, the sun setting in the west, and sad people on the internet seething with rage when they see a photo of a little boy wearing a dress.


We doubt this would surprise 31-year-old actress Megan Fox now, either.

The mum-of-3 very recently took to Instagram to share some family pics, including a gorgeous old-school polaroid photo of her 4-year-old son, Noah, wearing a sparkly, light blue Frozen dress.

And of course, there was an almost instantaneous flurry of judgers, shamers and general nasties...

"Don't let your little boy wear Cinderella dresses. It's highly confusing for the kid. Honestly thought he was a girl. ? SMH, this society is lost," one wrote.

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"Damn that's a shame how people do stupid s*** just for fame," another fumed. "What people do shipping do and why all this boys look like a homosexual the world have to know that you did, you already sell them kids soul to Hollywood.” (Huh?)

While one raged, “You’re going to hell for doing that to your son. Hopefully your son is the one who kills you.”

Honestly, we’re pretty gutted to still see these comments and others like them – especially since we were SO encouraged by the complete lack of reaction to pap pics of TV presenter Chris Evans’ 5-year-old son wearing a glittery green number during a recent family outing.

Even the UK tabloids (we won’t name names – but you know who we mean) barely batted an eyelid.

But, fortunately, there was also a loud outpouring of support for Megan and little Noah’s dress-up sesh, and that just about drowned out the sound of everything else…

"What’s confusing about the boy wearing a dress?" one fan countered. "Obviously the kid doesn’t feel that way because he in fact wants to dress like this."

"All children LOVE to play dress-up, and be different characters – male , female, animal, alien, whatever – it's called imagination!!! It's what makes children obviously better people and certainly more friendly, and empathetic than most adults. ?" added another.

While one commenter questioned, “Why does it matter if a CHILD is PLAYING dress-up? She has said many times that she doesn't put gender roles on her kids and lets them wear / play with what they want.

"There's nothing wrong with being gay btw and just because he's wearing an Elsa dress doesn't mean he's going to be. Children don't see gender; they just see things they like."

One fellow mum shared that she could really relate to Megan’s pic:

"Beautiful to see your boy expressing himself,” she began.

“My 4 year old son loves to play dress up (with dresses) and LOVES Frozen and I fear he will someday be judged for it, and how it will make him feel.

“I just love letting him be who he is and that you do the same ❤️❤️❤️”

Our take: it’s really quite simple – let the boy be Elsa if he wants!

And Noah's dad Brian Austin Green agrees, telling journalist Dax Holt, that:

“My son, you know, he’s 4. And I’ve heard from some people that they don’t agree with him wearing dresses. To them I say, ‘I don’t care'.

“He’s 4, and if he wants to wear it, then he wears it. And it’s dresses or goggles or, you know, slippers, or whatever.”

And we really, really hope that next time Megan – or any other celeb – posts a pic of her a son wearing a dress, we rightfully hear nothing but radio silence ?

Image: Instagram/Megan Fox

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