Megan Fox has reportedly given birth to her 3rd baby… and you know what that means.


We get to find out which name she’s picked!

Look, call us sad all you want, but we still get excited when we find out what the Hollywood elite have called their little ones.

There have been some real gems recently: babies named after legendary musicians and bewitching movie characters.

We especially like Jena Malone’s son’s name, and we can’t wait to see what Jools and Jamie have named their 5th child.

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But Megan and husband Brian Austin Green have allegedly gone for something that’s, well, probably quite normal for such an A-list couple: they've named their son Journey River Green.

The name definitely implies some kind of... journey. River is also obviously inspired by nature. Hopefully it means little Journey will experience loads of adventures when he’s grown up.

Given that these themes tie in nicely with what their two eldest sons are called, we're guessing Megan and Brian weren’t inspired by the ‘70s rock band of the same name!

3-year-old Noah’s name is derived form Hebrew and is perhaps most famously associated with the story of Noah and the Ark from the Bible.

2-year-old Bodhi’s name is traditionally a Sanskrit name meaning ‘awakened’ or ‘enlightened’.

It’s also inspired by nature- the Bodhi tree is said to be where the founder of the Buddhist religion ‘received enlightenment’. Nameberry describes it as being equivalent to ‘the state of nirvana’.

The couple has yet to officially confirm this news - but we reckon this choice sounds pretty spot on.

Congrats to the new family of 5!

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