Mel C gets in shape chasing after her active daughter

The former Spice Girl claims her slim line figure is down to her active toddler

Mel C has revealed how she manages to maintain her A- list figure – by chasing after her daughter!


Mel, who is mum to Scarlet, 17 months told The Sun; “I wasn’t working specifically hard at losing weight or anything like that. I do like to work out when I have a chance but when you’re a mum your time is quite limited so I try to do half an hour maybe twice a week, that might be my weekly exercise at the moment.

Mel, who’s currently busy promoting the launch of Pampers Active Fit with Dry Max nappies, explained that like many mums she doesn’t have time to sit down. “I’m running around after her all the time, and even when she’s gone to bed, there’s the tidying up and getting things ready for the morning, and by the time that’s done and you’ve had a bit of dinner you’re just ready for bed aren’t you?”

Mel C is not the only megastar to admit that her fitness levels are helped by chasing after her kids though, as Angelina Jolie recently told Teen Hollywood that her brood helped her get in shape for new movie Salt; “Yes, the toddlers run fast. But, actually Z (Zahara) is the fastest in the house. They’re all over the place! And the twins are always going in different directions at the same time. We’ve gated a lot of rooms in the house.”

Have you found that chasing after your children has made you fitter? Tell us about it below.


Mel C is currently working with Pampers to promote Pampers new Active Fit with Dry Max nappies.

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