Melanie Sykes reveals her son is autistic

TV star Melanie Sykes has opened up for the first time about her 7-year-old son's autism


Mum-of-two Melanie Sykes, 41, has spoken out for the first time about her youngest son’s autism.


Melanie, who has two children, Roman, 9, and Valentino, 7, has chosen not to speak about Valentino’s condition until now. Taking part in ITV’s show The Cube, Melanie revealed she was hoping to raise money for the International Pre-Autistic Network (IPAN) before going on to explain why.

Speaking to The Sun, Mel said, “I have known for five years that he has autism. But I felt it is his business. The thing is he is seven and is about to be officially diagnosed with it – and my family all think it’s time.” 

The star’s son has reportedly been through therapy and treatment and Mel explained his speech progressed very rapidly. It’s expensive treatment and Mel hoped her appearance on the show would help IPAN to ease the financial pressure on other parents.  

Valentino’s father, Italian actor Daniel Caltagirone, is said to be still very much involved after he and Mel divorced in 2009. Mel said that her boys are fun as well as challenging but that for those whose children are diagnosed with autism, “there is so much you can do with your child. It’s miraculous.”

The chirpy presenter, known for appearing in the Boddingtons beer commercials, revealed that while she loves the outcome, she hated being pregnant and it’s no longer on her to-do list.


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