Men clean up their act to have a baby

Men hoping to become dads do change their behaviour, says survey


Men wanting to improve their chances of getting their partner pregnant have changed more than their tight-fitting pants, it seems.


A poll of 2,000 men and women conducted by Clearblue reports that 15% of men have traded snug briefs for loose-fitting boxers, as well as taking more exercise (61%) and drinking more water (49%) in an attempt to boost their chances of getting their partners pregnant.

Other changes include not using their laptops on their laps (20%) and cutting back on sex to preserve their sperm (15%) and socialiSing less (23%). More than a third of men said they would ask for advice from their friends.

The poll also reveals that 65% of men thought it would take longer to conceive than expected, with 45% blaming lack of time for sex as the main reason.

A fifth of men trying to conceive admitted they felt sex had become a chore, while more than a third of women expect more sex when trying for a baby.

 Fertility expert Dr Dawn Harper, who presents Channel 4’s medical programme Embarrassing Bodies, said, “Trying for a baby can be a stressful time. It’s great to learn that men are taking a more active role in the preparation.”

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