Men trying to be mums

You won't believe what these blokes will do to replicate pregnancy symptoms…


15kg empathy bellies

The nagging backache and sleepless nights that your baby bump can give you in the latter stages of pregnancy are enough to make any woman just a little bit cranky. So yes, you do deserve a few foot rubs (oh and a lie in wouldn’t go amiss either).


But what do you make of these 3 men who chose to wear 2-and-a-half-stone ‘baby bump suits’ for a month to ‘show solidarity with mums’?

The empathy bellies put pressure on the bladder, stomach and lungs to simulate the effects of pregnancy. Fathers Jason Bramley, Steve Hanson and Jonny Biggins wore the suits in bed, to work and when socialising with friends for a full 4 weeks.

Jason, 44, Steve, 46, and Jonny, 45, kept online diaries of their experience with videos show them struggling to get to sleep.  “Not a wink. What an awful night, I just couldn’t get settled. Tried to make a small city out of pillows around my bump. What were at first quite a pleasurable novelty, my boobs, soon became about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit,” Steve wrote. “They were way too warm and hung on my arm, sending it to sleep, and waking me at the same time. Any advice on how to get a good night sleep with a bump would be very welcome.”

It all sounds very familiar but it’s worth knowing that the stunt was part of a publicity push for The Book of Mums, a book that can be personalised to celebrate the buyer’s mother, which is published by the three men.

And let’s not forget that after 4 weeks (not 9 months) they were bump-free!

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Photo: Facebook / The Book of Everyone

Wearable baby bottles

Do you know a dad who’s sad he can’t breastfeed? Well find that man, sit him down and just tell him to strap ’em on and go! The Nurse Me Tender wearable baby bottle is a device that lets mums who can’t breastfeed – and even their partners – simulate the experience using a bottle. It’s a sort of harness that straps on to your chest and holds a bottle in position.

The product is “crafted with both parents in mind” and is ideal for hands-free feeding. We’re not totally convinced but top marks men for trying hard. What do you think about dads having a go at ‘breastfeeding’?

Photos: Facebook / Nurse Me Tender

Labour simulation

“Labour pains can’t be that bad, right?”

We imagine that’s what these 2 male Dutch TV presenters thought right before they received electric shocks to simulate labour pains. But despite their initial bravado, the pair were quickly reduced to tears – and they only had the treatment for 2 hours! Try the average 8-hour labour lads…

The YouTube video of their efforts quickly went viral and has now had over 9 million views. Both men had 4 electrodes strapped to their abdomen, and over 2 hours were given electrical shocks to recreate the same types of pains that pregnant women feel during contractions. As their laughs dissolved into tears, the 2 women carrying out the shocks advise them to “breathe” and “focus on something else in the room”.


“Accept it. You can take it,” they reassure them. But they clearly can’t! Who’s the weaker sex now?!

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