MFM birthday survey – win £20 Amazon voucher!

Tell us how much you spend on presents, parties and party bags for your chance to win


MadeForMums birthday survey – enter here!


When it comes to children’s birthdays, are you a big spender or a careful spendthrift? Are you shocked by how much you have to pay out on party presents? And what about the dreaded party bags?

Here at MadeForMums, we want to find out how much children’s birthdays are costing us and so we’ve created a quick survey, in association with the Scotch brand, so you can tell us. The survey will take around five minutes to fill in so we can help share the answers to some of the following questions:

  • What are we willing to spend for a few hours of birthday mayhem?
  • What’s the going rate now for a party present for someone else’s child – £2, £5 or even more?
  • How much do party bags cost us – apart from our sanity?

We’ve got five £20 Amazon vouchers to give away to five MFM users picked at random who complete the survey – so click on our MFM Birthday Survey now!


And we’ll be publishing the results in the next few weeks…

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