While many of you will be enjoying the sunshine, maybe sitting in the park with an ice cream, MFM was on a festive mission.


We popped along to the Aldi press show to take a look, and of course a cheeky taste, of the best Christmas food Aldi has to offer.

Guess what…it didn’t disappoint!

Walking into the room, MFM was swept over by the sweet scent of mince pies, stuffed turkey and funky cheeses, and instantly it felt like the magical season was here.

It was a mums’ and dads’ heaven, full of traditional treats that cater for all the family.

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There were gorgeous looking truffles for Nan to nibble on, holly-themed cakes for the kids to tuck into too (priced roughly £7-£10), and for the first time, 100% pure British turkey for dad to get carving into.

It’s clear Aldi’s goal is to provide quality treats and meals but at a cost suitable for the average family.

You can take a sigh of relief as Aldi has even catered for the ultimate winter season scenario - the Christmas party. If you’re a bit strapped for cash you can stock up on some wine for just £2.99 a bottle. Parents get ready to stock the cupboard up, these wine deals could see you into New Years Eve.

Meat fans will be happy to know you don’t have to stick to the typical turkey for the big day but could instead branch out into the fun and wild worlds of pork or beef.

Prices are all very hush hush but with rumours that the meat will retail around £10, we can see Aldi is keeping to it;s promise of combining good quality cuts with affordable prices.

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