MFM gets baking (with quite a lot of help)

National Cupcake Week may have come and gone, but that’s not going to stop MFM cooking up a cupcake storm!

Only *slightly* less impressive than these expert designs!

Decoration ideas (click to enlarge)

MFM loves eating cupcakes, but faffing around with flour and sugar and careful measuring aren’t exactly our strong points, especially with little ones around! And if making the cakes themselves is a bit of a struggle, getting round to icing our cakes with anything more that a blob of extra sweetness is usually a step too far…until now


Check out our latest offering! Can you imagine our pride as we presented these beauties to our mummy mates last week?

OK, OK, we might have cheated a little bit. It might have been a cake mix and the piping might have been by a single-use piping bag included in the pack. And we might have guessed the amount of butter to use…

But in our defence, the pack was sent to us by Green’s to give its new cupcake range a go and without it, there would have been no baking fun. We gave lemon and blueberry a try. They were super easy, tasted fantastic and baked in 12 minutes. We did still manage to make a mess though, once we’d added the egg and water and butter. And whisked. And we did forget to fill the lemons one with sticky lemon filling. Oops.

But on the whole, they’re MFM approved. Go forth and bake!


RRP: £2.15, makes 6 cupcakes, includes piping bag, which makes you feel like you’re on Masterchef.

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