Before(L) and the end result(R)!

For lots of mums, heading to the salon for a colour, highlight and pick me up is the chance to get away from the kids and indulge in some pampering. But who has the money these days and the time to pay for a salon colour every six weeks?


Sadly, not I! I have been dying my hair at home for so long it feels as natural as washing my hair. It always makes me feel so much better and though I don’t always trust my friends to be my hairdressers, it’s a great excuse to have one over for a chinwag.

So when MadeForMums got invited along to try out the new home hair dye range from Schwarzkopf, I was there in a shot. My only experience with Schwarzkopf is their Live range of super bright, not-very-natural colours so it was with some relief that when I turned up I found the new Palette range on show. It contains various shades of natural colours that aren’t going to look out of place in the office or at the school gate.

First came the science bit and a lesson in home hair dying by professional colourist, Anita Cox McMillan. So here are the tips I picked up for you:

  • Mix and match – You can create a unique shade for you by mixing boxes. It won’t do any harm.
  • How dark – On the box, the first number signals how dark the colour will be. For example, a 6 is darker than a 4.
  • Going lighter - You cannot lighten pre-dyed of very darkhair unless you use bleach (boo!). So if there’s no bleach (like in the Palette range) you might not be able to go much lighter. But you can get the tone into your hair. The light colour I used on my many-times-dyed hair didn’t make it any lighter but did put in the reddish tones which really transformed by mousy brown.
  • More than one pack – More dye = more colour so if you want a big impact or have long hair you’ll need at least two boxes.
  • Get the roots – Start at the roots as that’s where the new hair is. Make sure they’re properly covered then work your way out to the ends of the hair.
  • Leave in for ages – You can leave the dye in for longer than it says on the box as there is no bleaching agents in. This will help getting the tones into dark hair particularly. Around half an hour to 45 minutes is just fine

Which Palette colour do you think made me this shade?


Do you dye your hair or don’t you dare? Share your tips below!