MFM goes to the Barbie film premiere!

We went along to the first screening of the brand new Barbie film , 'A Fashion Fairytale'

MFM’s Kyrsty and her cousin Grace tread the pink carpet

Barbie balloon galore!

The ODEON cinema in Leicester Square was taken over by a certain pink-loving lady last weekend (and hundreds of candy hued balloons…) as she arrived to unveil her latest film – and we got to go along!


Surrouded by a sea of tutu and tiara wearing Barbie enthusiasts, we treaded the (pink) carpet and got to see the latest merchandise from the film. Sitting on our leopard print seats in the cinema, we were greeted by a HUGE screen bursting with pink, pink and more pink. Plus we got free popcorn, which went down a treat with my miniature guest (who aptly brought along her Barbie Tinkerbell bag for the occasion).

Barbie, who releases two films a year (who knew?!) features as herself in the new flick which sees her being fired from her job and dumped by her beloved Ken on the same day. But in true Babs style, she manages to overcome her woes and save the day – in Paris, no less.

Despite being at least a decade older than Barbie, I enjoyed the film, which has Shrek-like animation quality and a feel-good storyline for the very young up until tweens. Loaded with catchy (if a little cheesy…) songs and bursting with glitter dresses, the token baddie and a never ageing Ken – it’s no wonder the little girl next to me (clad in her tiara and fairy wings) kept squealing and clapping. 

My favourite character was ‘Sequin’ the poodle and I was loving the ‘Flairies’ (fairies with flair don’t you know!)

The film went down a treat especially at the end when hundreds of Barbie balloons were released from the ceiling.


The ‘A Fashion Fairytale’ is available now on DVD.

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