The 28 feet high castle - we weren't joking!
Diamante Mickey - very glam!
Johnny Depp popped in...

With an event so exclusive, you had to have a (glittery) key to get in, we couldn't help but get a little bit excited about the preview of the new Disney Store on Oxford Street.


Greeted with a wacking great 28 foot castle with projected images of magic and fairytales, the sound of classic Disney tunes filled the air along with hoards of mini Captain Jack Sparrow's and Tangled Princesses running around, high on the Disney vibe.

I have to say, the fairytale sure was contagious. At the age of 26, there I was with a basket full of Disney DVD's and fairy wands, queueing up for a snap with the Disney dons - Mickey and Minnie. Even being 20 years older than most of the little ones in the queue didn't deter me...

The new concept store is quite impressive, with two floors jam packed with every Disney product imaginable and every corner buzzing with interactive activities. From talking Disney Princess Magic Mirror (where Ariel, Belle, Cinderella et al tell short stories from inside the mirror), to the Disney Theatre, where tots can choose from 50 clips and trailer - the atomosphere is electric!

And let's not forget the Imagination Explosion, where Tinker Bell magically appears and children have to help her banish the villains hiding in the store. It involves lot's of bell ringing, so you can imagine that it goes down well with little ones...

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The store is scented with the brand new Disney fragrance called (you guessed it) Imagination, and they've even got peckish children covered. Annabel Karmel has launched a range of tasty snacks to keep children going whilst they're on their Disney shopping spree. See, told you they've thought of everything - who needs a trip to Disneyland?!

We were also treated to a sing song of the new The World is Something you Imagine song, which is released in store this week, with 20% of retails sales will go to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Pssst... we also spied a few celeb parents getting in on the Disney action too. Claudia Winkleman, Meg Matthews, Adrian Lester and Ben Fogle were spotted browsing the new store - we even managed to grab a very pregnant Claudia for a quick chat (check the gallery below).

The new Oxford Street store opens Thursday 26th May.


With so much to look at in one space, it's easy to get a sensory overload, but the store is definitely a visual treat, whether you're a Disney fan or not. And like a super happy Disney Store worker asked us, "Aren't we all just big kids inside?"