MFM makes cupcakes* for National Cupcake Week

*with quite a lot of help from Betty Crocker


Cake baking and I have never gone together well. I get more flour on my head than in the bowl  (an experience I’m sure all you mums budding bakers are not unfamiliar with!).  But the package of cupcake mix from the lovely people over at Betty Crocker arrived with an excited note telling me to ENJOY! so it seemed rude not to try to.


In the back of my mind I felt cake mixes were cheating and if I couldn’t do it right I really shouldn’t do it at all. But the rest of the MFM team looked expectantly on and I agreed to give it a go. I popped to the shops for a pack of eggs, took the box of Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge cupcake mix home, took up my wooden spoon and set to work.

Surprisingly easy, requiring no electric whisk (good job, don’t have one!) and with cupcake cases sturdy enough to make it through 15mins in the oven without splurging on top of one another (as happened on my last attempt), the mix really did take the stress and faff out of cakemaking.

It’s a great introduction to baking and cooking for children as young as 3 or 4 as they can get involved without worrying about lots of ingredients. The mix was thin enough to mix with just a wooden spoon and cupcakes are guaranteed to come out right first time – saving all the tears and disappointment when their creations just won’t rise!

In mere moments, out of the oven come 10 beautiful cupcakes. And they’re tasty to boot – proven by how fast they were scoffed by my appreciative housemates!


So I’m a convert. Flour? Who needs flour? Butter? I laugh in the face of butter. Look at this beauty! All that’s left is for my MFM pals to deliver the verdict…

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