The scrummy pies didn't stay this whole for long!
Delicious Cornish pasties

MFM squealed with delight when we received a cool bag full of Genius' new range of frozen ready meals and couldn't wait to take them home to try! Gluten-free food can often be hit and miss - sometimes it's delicious, other times it's like chewing cardboard.


If you or your child has a wheat or gluten allergy, like some of us at MFM HQ, then you'll understand our excitement at hearing that pastry is now on the menu! Genius' new range includes Chicken & Mushroom pies and traditional Cornish Pasties, which you pop into the oven, straight from the freezer. They're ready to eat around 20-30 minutes later - how easy is that?

After an impromptu taste-test involving those with and without an allergy, we can report that Genius' pastry tastes exactly like the real kind, maybe even better! It's crispy yet light and chewy and the fillings are extremely tasty, too.

There are even gluten-free Steak & Ale pies available, full of tender pieces of beef in rich, meaty gravy.

If you love to bake, try the ready-to-roll Genius gluten-free short crust pastry. Making sausages rolls, apple pies and quiche for kids and adults with a gluten allergy just became easy!

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The classic British afternoon tea has also been given a gluten-free twist ready for the autumn. The Genius bakers have been busy creating new gluten-free bakery options, including a new Genius fruit loaf. Toast the gluten-free teacakes, add some butter and a cup of tea, and just sit back and relax.


Here's where to find your local Genius stockist.