MFM to take on Gregg and John at Masterchef Live this weekend

On Sunday, wisely or not, MFM is off to have its culinary skills scrutinised. We reckon cooking doesn’t get better than this!*


*OK, it does, if we’re not the ones wielding the saucepan!


On Sunday, MFM will be taking to the stage to attempt The Invention Test, sponsored by Plenty, at Masterchef Live. Yep, that’s right -the bit on the show where you get a table of ingredients and 30 minutes to make cook up something great. Previous Masterchef winners will then pick three to go forward for Gregg Wallace and John Terrode to wrap their tastebuds round. Gregg may even dip his head in!


I’m about to find out that cooking doesn’t get tougher than this! So I hope you’re all in the audience to support! Andi Peters will be presenting and you can get tickets at the Masterchef Live website. We’ll let you whether we embarassed ourselves or not next week…

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