MFM unleashes their inner Chocoholic…

Hotel Chocolat came over all Christmasy last night as they unveiled their upcoming festive choccie treats - and of course, we were there!

Chocolate coated Reindeers

Enormous big Christmas cracker!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry… oh hang on, it’s still October.


Apologies for banging on about the upcoming festive season so early, it’s just that we’ve been looking at, talking about and talking some more about Christmas gifts and goodies since July, Yes, JULY.

While you were basking in the sunshine, MFM were trailing round to various press shows surrounded by Christmas crackers, festive food and tons of Christmas toys. However, we got to see all the goodies about the hit the shelves in November, so we can’t complain really…

To add to our Christmas spirit, we headed off the the Hotel Chocolat Christmas preview, where High Street Kensington’s flagship store was taken over by crimbo music and festive chocolate treats GALORE.

Welcomed with a glass of bubbly and possibly the weirdest canape combination ever (a block of stilton cheese on top of a chocolate button…), we set our eyes on the Christmas offerings from the best hotel ever (well technically it’s not a hotel but it should be!)

We particularly loved the super cute ‘Tiddly Reindeers’ and Christmas dinner shaped choccies, which are basically mouth-watering chocolate treats shaped as reindeers and Xmas turkey’s (perfect for stocking fillers). I nearly fainted when I clocked the ‘Chocolatiers Table’ box which at £85 a pop, isn’t the bargain of the century, but boy do you get alot of chocolates in there – 1.4kg to be exact! (see first pic)

We were also loving the fruit and nut wreaths and chocolate coated Reindeers but best of all was The Rather Large Cracker. A great addition for under the tree (or in your mouth…) this cracker (literally) is chock a block with chocolates.

Other faves include Gingerbread Liquid chocolate (it smells divine) the Truffle to Share Advent Calendar and quirky bits like chocolate infused balsalmic vinegar and chilli chocolates.


If you fancy a trip to the your local Hotel Chocolat – be warned – it’s literally a Chocoholic’s dream. You may never come out. Like, ever.


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